Skilled And Aggressive Criminal Defense

Defending Against White Collar Crimes

Allegations of financial wrongdoing can destroy a career, to say nothing of the severe consequences that come with a conviction, including the possibility of a lengthy prison sentence. An early defense can mean the difference between a mild problem and a life-wrecker. Cases involving alleged white collar crimes can be complex, with investigations requiring extensive reviews of paperwork and computer activity records. Having a skilled lawyer in your corner is essential.

At the Elizabethtown-based law firm of Spalding, Evan G., Attorney at Law, we provide a dedicated defense to people who have been accused of engaging in white collar criminal activity. To schedule a consultation, call us at 270-505-4912. We provide representation to people across Kentucky.

Protect Your Rights In Any White Collar Criminal Case

We have the experience to defend you against any white collar criminal charges, such as:

  • Fraud
  • Wire fraud
  • Embezzlement
  • Identity theft
  • Forgery
  • Money laundering
  • Tax evasion

The sooner you get a lawyer on your side, the more opportunities you may have for a favorable outcome. For example, if you are accused of embezzlement, your case may be resolvable through a restitution agreement with no criminal charges. You must act quickly to preserve your options.

Getting Representation Early Can Be Crucial

Although it is never too late to retain legal counsel, getting skillful representation as soon as possible can help to strengthen your defense. Even if you haven’t been charged but have been made aware that you are under investigation, having an attorney at your side can ensure that your rights are protected at all times.

It can be tempting to attempt to explain yourself when investigators start asking you questions, particularly if you believe that you have done nothing wrong. However, be aware that what you say may and will likely be used against you. You have the right to legal representation, and you should exercise this right before speaking to anyone about the allegations. Our attorneys often get favorable results in the early stages of white collar crime cases, such as when a business person fears that some unusual transactions may trigger an investigation.

If You Face Fraud Or Other Criminal Charges, Contact Us

You should consider an investigation or an arrest to be a legal emergency. The government takes white collar crimes very seriously. Level the playing field with an equally serious defense. Contact us right away if you are under investigation or even hear rumors that you may be arrested. Call 270-505-4912 or contact us online to schedule an appointment to discuss your case.